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BTCGo advertisement prices

Advertisement types

You can place few advertisement types:

  1. Image 940x50
  2. Image 300x50
  3. Text link up to 56 characters

Images can be placed at two places - before and after content.


You paying only for result. You buy clicks NOT views or time.

We accepting only Bitcoin.

Price in USD:

  • (Content block) Before content Image 940x50 - 30$ / 100 clicks
  • (Sidebar) Before content Image 300x50 - 30$ / 100 clicks
  • (Content block) After content Image 940x50 - 20$ / 100 clicks
  • (Sidebar) Before content Image 300x50 - 18$ / 100 clicks
  • (Top navbar) Text link - 20$ / 100 clicks

Minimal clicks number: 100


How to buy ad.

You should sign up and create ad campaign at your account. After that, click on "Get clicks" on adverts page, write me to telegram to approve your ad and pay for clicks you want.